Galleries/Proofs - Jena Luann Hamilton


Hold your curser over the client galleries above to see a list of folders.  If there is no drop down menu on the section you are wanting to go see then click the section name and it will take you

to the folder.

When ordering from my website, if you do not see the size you want you can comment under the photo and I will work with you. Or call me at 806-215-2280 so we can work on it. If you would like a collage made of any of your pics comment under the pics and leave size you would like and I will work on it and add to the folder. If you would like a CD/dropbox delivery of your pics pulled from an event or game I will make one of smaller digital files for 100.00 for a TEAM SET of pics, 50.00 for the INDIVIDUAL of events like the bronc and cutting. If your team does not want to get all the files I will do an individual set for that one person of the pics you are in and not the entire team for the 50.00. Just contact me if you need too, I will work with you. Thank you for having me over again to take pics at this event for the second year. 

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